Website Policy

Purpose of this policy:

To provide a consistent framework for Friends to populate, update and review the currency of the Friends of the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens website


  • All material contained on the Friends of the ERBG website is the property of the Friends of the ERBG.
  • All material proposed for placement on the Friends website must be lodged through website coordinator who will be nominated by the Friends Committee. 
  • All material must meet all relevant legislation relating to the Friends’ organisation and its constitution, for example the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • All items must include as sunset clause; that is a review date.  For example, the promotion of an event will be scheduled to be removed from the website immediately after the event.  Other articles must be reviewed at least annually, but may be sooner depending on the content.  The author of the article is responsible for the review of the material.
  • If material is not reviewed within the prescribed period, the coordinator will contact the author.  Failure to review material may result in the said material being removed from the website.
  • The Friends’ Committee retains the right to not publish or to remove unsuitable, controversial or out of date material/content.
  • If a complaint is received about any of the content, the Friends’ Committee has the power to decide what action, if any, should be taken.

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